Excerpt:- Teacups & Tansy

“I figure you are going to tell me at some point, and I may as well be sitting on the sofa watching the end of Days of Our Lives while you do.”

Millie paused before the bottom of a spiral staircase. “Hey Edna, we have a guest. I will put the kettle on, you make the tea.”

“What?” “We have a guest. You come make the tea.”

“Why don’t you make the tea? Why do I always have to make the tea?”

“Damn it, Edna, can you just get down here.”

Rolling her eyes, Sabine rocked back and forth on her heels. This is such a huge waste of time.

Millie clicked her tongue and began the step-turn routine until she was back facing Sabine. A crooked finger pointed toward a room to the right of Sabine. “You go make yourself comfortable. We will join you shortly.”

Millie turned to the stairs again, as Sabine walked into the sitting room yelling, “Edna, get down here.”


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