Excerpt from The Guardian: When the War was Over

“Father prefers them to us. He is wrong about the humans and for having faith in them. He must choose: them or us.” Lucifer spat out his words; the contempt for Father slapped Gabriel across the face.

Gabriel froze, eyes wide, and he clenched his teeth. Did Lucifer just give Father an ultimatum? Surely, he couldn’t be so foolish. Touching Lucifer’s hand and holding it within his own, he noticed its steadiness, despite the gravity of his words.

He searched Lucifer’s face, for even a glimmer of the Angel he thought he knew. “Are you crazy? You can’t ask him to choose. You can’t divide the Angels. It won’t end well for you. Remember Lilith?”

Lucifer swiftly removed his hand from under Gabriel’s. “I thought you would understand, even side with me. You’ve seen it too. I know you don’t approve. It’s their destiny to fail, to betray Father. They should never have been given souls. Nothing more than vermin.” Gabriel’s mind raced between loyalty and fear. Lucifer stood to full height, bringing his face inches away from Gabriel’s.


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