Excerpt from Chapter 3: A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary Relationships

Kan plastered a fake smile on his face, his trembling obvious. “Oh, An, hey –  how did that Gold site work out?”

Annu straightened his spine, pushed his shoulders back, fighting the steadying thump. “Thats Annu to you kid. And you know damn well how that site worked out. Unless you give me my barter coins back I am going to use you to drill post holes.”

He imagined the kid would be running through his limited options. Do I risk running or do I give in? Kan might out run him, but Annu had years of experience in things that Kan didn’t even know existed yet.

Kan reached into his pocket, feeling around. “Look, I don’t exactly have your coins on me. But I did come across this weird old leather map thing, it could be worth something.” He pulled out a piece of leather and handed it to Annu.

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