Being a fairy is hard, By Angel Potter Cox

Being a fairy is hard. The flying thing is cool, but all the wishes to grant and teeth to gather…I’ve been in some pretty dangerous situations.

You really have to watch out for the dogs. They must think fairies are delicious! I’ve had to dust a few and they do not like fairy dust. It makes them sneeze.
My worst encounter, however, was with a cat. They are sneaky. You can hear a dog before you see it, but that cat was on me before I knew it was there. Its paw came out from nowhere and sent me tumbling across the room.
Before I could gather my wits, it pawed me again. This time I landed right on the sleeping girl’s pillow. The cat pounced on the bed, waking up the child. She started to cry and the light switched on just as I escaped under the sheet.
The tooth fell to the floor and rolled beneath a sock under the bed. That floor was a mess! It took me forever to find it, especially having to keep an eye out for that cat!
I finally found the tooth and left the coin. My head was still dizzy from the swatting I had taken. I didn’t notice until I was already home that my pouch of dust was missing. It must have fallen off during the tussle. I had to go back.
With just enough time left before the sun would appear, I flew quickly and made my way back to the girl’s room, all the while looking out for the cat. I followed my path, but couldn’t locate the dust pouch. I was just peaking under the bed when I heard, “Hi fairy. Are you looking for this?”
The little girl was looking over the bed holding my dust pouch between her little fingers. “Thank you for the quarter. What do you do with all those teeth?”
It was too late to fly away. I flew up to her bed and held out my hand. “Thank you…what is your name?”
“Emilia, what’s yours?”
“Thank you, Emilia, for finding my pouch. My name is Rose Bud. Fairies gather teeth from children to plant them. They grow into dandelions.”
Emilia smiled sleepily. She remembered her mother telling her a story about dandelions and how blowing them brought you a wish. Now she knew why. 
Emilia closed her eyes as Rose Bud opened her pouch and sprinkled a bit of fairy dust on Emilia’s head and then flew back home. 
That morning, Emilia woke up and ran to the mirror. Her new tooth was already showing. She ran downstairs to show her mom the shiny quarter and her new tooth.