It’s been such a long time since I wrote a blog. There’s a number of reasons why, one being time, another being there’s so many blogs around.

Last few blogs I’d started writing my book properly and taken a Novel Writing Boot camp course. The result of this is my book is being published in the next couple of months and I’m almost finished the second draft of the second book. All while only being up for half a day most days out of the week.

It goes to show doing something like writing each day adds up, and even though you’re physically disabled there’s still plenty of things you can do and achieve. It might mean you have to change your goals to suit, but if your mind’s willing you can do almost anything. Getting chronically ill doesn’t have to be the end, instead it can become a new beginning. A reason for getting out of bed when you’re able and something new to talk about other than your progressing illness. It’s made a huge difference to my mental health too.

Never give up, don’t let lack of confidence stop you.