I’ve been working on my first book (A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary Relations), for a couple of years, and as I grow as a writer, it does too. But I’ve now come to the point it’s time for it to be finished. Today I started a novel writing boot camp which goes for six months. At the end I hope to be querying agents and publishers.

My story is about Shayne, a middle aged chronically ill woman whose life is a mess. She struggles to deal and balance with everyday life. I bank foreclosure sees her moving to a house she inherits. From almost the instant she moves into the house, weird stuff starts happening. With a history of mental illness, Shayne isn’t sure if it’s really happening or if she is crazy. If there is a God, he hates her. 

Annu exists halfway across the galaxy, searching for a sense of purpose in a technology driven world. A predestined astrological event thrusts Shayne into Annu’s world, and then she can’t get home. As with everything in Shayne’s life, going back to earth is complicated by being related to ancient warring Gods.

It’s been a labour of love of sorts, but I hope it becomes a seven book series. I keep writing each day and it’s coming together, the course will only back it amazing. 

Once I’m happy with the first couple of chapters I’ll post an excerpt.