Being chronically ill with a couple of degenerative autoimmune diseases, each day brings something different. I have always needed structure and organisation in my day, and I continue to make daily lists of goals. However, these days I have to be flexible. 

At least half the week I am bed ridden, the other half, couch bound. I can’t get around a little but not far, and not for long. If it wasn’t for my writing and sheer determination my life would be boring and frustrating. But I do not let it beat me down mentally.

I can express myself and explore through my stories. I have no mental limitations. All my frustration and pain pours through my aching fingers onto the page.  

But, I know if I hadn’t have gotten sick, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I make no secret of either fact. 

Everything for me is a compromise, and I’m forever having to re-adapt, and find the inner strength not just to exist but to live. Despite what obstacles you may face, never give up. The only person that can truly stop you achieving your dreams is you.