After much trepidation, I decided to take on Nano this year.  I have had my story idea for some time now and have put a lot of thought and time into it. Nano seemed like a good way to kick it off and get me into a good routine.

Today is day one and I have written a draft first chapter, so I am happy with today’s efforts. Fortunately I can write in bed on my Apple Air notebook, which has changed my writing life. I love having all my writing stuff in one spot, easy to access and weights next to nothing.

I sit here now and then and think back over the last couple of months and all I have achieved in that time. I have short stories being published, I am taking part in Anthologies and writing different genres. I submitted my Mars and Snow shorts stories the other day for submission in two separate Anthologies. Patiently waiting to hear if they have been accepted or not.

My priorities have changed a lot since I got since. I don’t just have my illnesses to think about and talk about now. I actually have things to say, and I find inspiration in all sorts of places.

At the moment probably wasn’t the best time to take on extra writing commitments, with a 3 year old to look after while her mum works and precarious health, but nonetheless it wont hurt me to test my limits.

If I post a photo of me in a mental hospital you know it was all too much. Wish me luck.