Here a blog there a blog, everywhere a blog blog.

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a blog. There’s a number of reasons why, one being time, another being there’s so many blogs around.

Last few blogs I’d started writing my book properly and taken a Novel Writing Boot camp course. The result of this is my book is being published in the next couple of months and I’m almost finished the second draft of the second book. All while only being up for half a day most days out of the week.

It goes to show doing something like writing each day adds up, and even though you’re physically disabled there’s still plenty of things you can do and achieve. It might mean you have to change your goals to suit, but if your mind’s willing you can do almost anything. Getting chronically ill doesn’t have to be the end, instead it can become a new beginning. A reason for getting out of bed when you’re able and something new to talk about other than your progressing illness. It’s made a huge difference to my mental health too.

Never give up, don’t let lack of confidence stop you.

A long journey 

It’s been a while since I posted a blog. I gladly blame my first book for consuming my waking thoughts and actions. After a reboot of the second act, I’m a little over the half way mark now. The end is in sight.  Then of course the next part of the journey begins with revisions and edits before it goes to my amazing editor and I do a similar process.

I’ve cut back on the short stories in the meantime but having said that I’m heading a horror anthology and I have two comps I want to enter.  

I’m still writing reviews for, and am going to expand that role a little by interviewing actors/actresses, musicians and the like from time to time.  I look forward to speaking to all manner of creative people, particularly those who’ve had success.  

It doesn’t stop amazing me the twists and turns my writing life takes, despite the fact I’m bed/couch ridden.  Each day I speak to and deal with people from all over the world, and I know some amazing ones. Their tireless support of me and my efforts make it all worthwhile.  You guys know who you are! 

It’s rest time for me now, though my mind seldom agrees, my body demands it. Take care, and keep an eye out for excerpts of ‘A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary Relationships,’ soon!

Writing away the days 

A few weeks ago in the novel writing course I’m doing we began writing our novels.  I’d done many drafts previously but it still wasn’t close to ready. Since doing the course I’ve been forced to examine how I write and to ask why? Why is it important the character does this or the reader knows that? It’s made a difference. 

I learnt to write scene by scene, and plot out the storyline over three acts. Each day I write a scene and I edit a scene every few days. Eventually the aim is to reduce how much I need to edit a scene after I write it. I’ve kept my goals realistic with my health in mind. So far it’s working. I’m doing ok, but I’ll be great once I have a finished book before me. A long road ahead of me but I’m willing. 

I’ll post an excerpt soon. Take care

A second honeymoon 

I’ve been on a second honeymoon for the last two weeks.  It’s been amazing, and not to mention inspirational.   

after our vow renewal a whale breached in the distance. Truly amazing! 

Things have kicked off with the novel boot camp I’m doing which fills me with both excitement and trepidation.  A lagging doubt looms. Can I really do this? Then I remember books like fifty shades of grey. Of course I can do it!

A novel approach 

I’ve been working on my first book (A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary Relations), for a couple of years, and as I grow as a writer, it does too. But I’ve now come to the point it’s time for it to be finished. Today I started a novel writing boot camp which goes for six months. At the end I hope to be querying agents and publishers.

My story is about Shayne, a middle aged chronically ill woman whose life is a mess. She struggles to deal and balance with everyday life. I bank foreclosure sees her moving to a house she inherits. From almost the instant she moves into the house, weird stuff starts happening. With a history of mental illness, Shayne isn’t sure if it’s really happening or if she is crazy. If there is a God, he hates her. 

Annu exists halfway across the galaxy, searching for a sense of purpose in a technology driven world. A predestined astrological event thrusts Shayne into Annu’s world, and then she can’t get home. As with everything in Shayne’s life, going back to earth is complicated by being related to ancient warring Gods.

It’s been a labour of love of sorts, but I hope it becomes a seven book series. I keep writing each day and it’s coming together, the course will only back it amazing. 

Once I’m happy with the first couple of chapters I’ll post an excerpt. 

Next story coming out!

I’m so excited, an Anthology I’m in is now available for preorder at the following link-

This story is again different to all the others. It was a lot of fun to write, and could be pulled into a larger story one day. But then so could The Guardian and Teacups, what an exciting writing future there is ahead of me. Thank you for your support. 

I’ll be doing a video blog soon, keep an eye out!

Angel Potter Cox

A dear friend of mine is doing a writing class, and needed her short story published on line, so please read it, it now has its own page here.  

Angel is one of the most talented yet humble people I know and further, was the reason I got my first story published.

I encourage you to checkout the rest of her works:-

Love you lots Angel, you are amazing 

Today is a bed day 

Like many others, today I’m in bed with the electric blanket on, and contemplating revisions I need to do. But as I have said before because of the blessing that is technology (most of the time), I can get something done. Though pain does tend to make my writing even darker, I scare even ,yield and that’s no easy feat! 

I’ve decided that once a month I’m going to do a video blog. I’m going to also upload them to YouTube and see what comes from it.  Every so often I’ll get someone I know to pretend to be a character in one of my stories and I will ‘interview’ them. It will be humorous of course, so keep your eye out for them. 

Plus of course I’m still working on my first book:- A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary relationships. I’m I between revising and editing but it’s coming along well.  It’s still a few months away, I have no intention of rushing it just to get it out. 

I’ll keep you all updated so keep your eye out and for my promoting of fellow authors and people that have helped me immensely, it could be you!